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The Bottom of the Stairs


supposed to be in bed
maybe, slipping from the bed
ordering my side lunch-ins and
breakfasts in bed
is how I wish to think of you
a laissez faire smile
the smell of coffee
and perhaps
from the city street noises
that keep me up at night.

I’ve lived on stone hard floors
and maple leaf cots
thrown together by girls
burnishing their side bangs
at the looks.
oh, no, of course not
I have to live here
they might explain
humbly gesturing to the array of
at the bottom of the stairs.

it is one AM
a time reserved
only for poets.

at two AM
I was dreaming
of you.
and perhaps,
I was still naïve about
but how else
was it supposed
to be viewed?

Copyright 2014 Golden Star Poetry


Monolouge-Bad Influence


I felt like writing a monologue today. Don’t ask me why.


You wanna hear about it? Ok. So basically we had this big barn in the backyard when we were little and Emma would always pretend to be a chicken in there. And she would flap her arms out like an idiot and say things that chickens might say if they had brain cells. But she would scream. When we went into kindergarten it was the same torture all over again, only she wouldn’t let me speak. It was her game, she said. Eventually she just didn’t want us to be friends.  It was weird, you know, cause most of us would play in our little groups, and we didn’t, so it kind of made me feel special. But then she turned out to be some brat from the valley who had no clue on how to get by in school. She was like that all through Junior High even, I remember her getting three D’s and she didn’t even know it was a bad thing. She ended up going to Juvie or something. Wait, no, Sarah told me about that. Sorry,  that was a rumor. Anyway, I guess I’ve been used like that most of my life. And I never get any wiser after,  And then came the whole problem of relationships, which, on the whole, do make me want to gag. But Paul was different at first, you know? He loved me so much it was almost Ethereal. Well, that’s what Amy and Daisy and Leah all said about him. So that’s that one. And the rest of my girlfriends have all gone to become waitresses at some dump restaurant at I don’t even know where, and they’re just making minimum wage on the side so that they can even afford college. It’s sad, you know? My friends. I was the only one who ended up with a A in any of the classes they failed last year. No, actually, It’s pathetic. I can’t make friends with one  good person, and it’s really itching me to know why. Can you get the hell out of here?

Jonathan strange and Mr. Norell, by Susanna Clarke (debut novel)


Jonathan strange and Mr. Norell, by Susanna Clarck (debut novel)

This is the large tome I have been reading lately!
I found it, newly ordered, from my friend the school librarian! the book consists of magic, Austen-style writing, and (very lengthy) footnotes, for which the credits are not mentioned in a bibliography and thus probably all fictionalized. The book is a whopping 782 pages in small print, and I am quite surprised to have gotten 155 pages in during the first week! quite a good piece of literature if you scoff at horribly written books like “divergent” or “Twilight”