Belinda, where will you go?
I have been telling you all this hour
my time has come to ask you
when you go.

Belinda, when will you cry?
I have been crying all this hour,
my day has arrived for me to ask you
to cry with me.

you ran away Belinda too, don’t cry,
I know you’re hiding something but I don’t know
in your eyes,
and you still
don’t answer.
How many heavens
must we escape to
before you tell me of this plan?
I have been asking you,
with every fiber of my soul,
I”m praying to you like a soul in hell
you’re a shivering virgin who doesn’t know the meaning of heaven.
I”m just wondering what’s keeping us apart.
What’s keeping us apart, my dear?

Copyright 2013 Golden Star Poetry



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